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schooling fish on bida nok from koh lanta diving

Why do fish school?

Fish learn to swim together as young, first as pairs and then in larger and larger groups. You have probably seen that fish turns as quickly as a flock of birds, as this is an instinct from birth. Almost 80% of all fish species will swim together as pairs or in a group at some stage in their life.

PADI peak performance buoyancy course Koh Lanta

OK, you just finished your PADI Open Water Diver Course, or maybe you have been an SCUBA diver for quite some time. Either way, I am sure there is still room to improve your overall dive skills including your buoyancy skills and air consumption.


We traveled from Karlstad at 7 in the morning and we arrived in Oslo with bus around at 10 o'clock. Then we went to Gardermoen and from there we took the 13:30 flight to Bangkok,

cleanup koh lanta underwater

I was happy to be part of a clean up day in cooperation with other Koh Lanta dive professionals.

kayaking low season on koh lanta

Kon-Tiki Lanta presents our latest addition to our program: Kayaking tours thru Saladan.

Can diving lead to happiness

Will diving make you happier?

Fight the good fight with Kon-Tiki

We are calling on all our friends and fellow divers, snorkelers and decent people to aid us in our fight to protect the fragile marine environment. Please assist us in this fight and we will make sure we have fun at the same time!


Hello again!

Time flies and we have now been here for 6 weeks, which means that we only have 2 weeks left...


Whaleshark while snorkeling at Koh Haa

This Wednesday we were working on the Kon-Tiki boat as snorkeling guides, and we got our own groups to take care of.

2017 COE Logos white bkg translations en US UK


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