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Dear guests, friends & colleagues,

It is with great sadness we announce that Jeab will no longer be working with Kon-Tiki.

Jeab has been spoiling our guests and staff on the Kon-Tiki boats at Lanta and Krabi with her extraordinarily friendly service for about ten years now.

Always with a big smile on her face she has made sure that we all get our coffee just the way we like, providing a heavenly massage to loosen up any tension, flipping fantastic Thai pancakes for us to indulge in after a day’s diving & snorkelling, making sure there was always fresh cut fruit for us to enjoy during the trips and cold electrolyte beverage to make sure we stayed hydrated…. Basically being Jeab – all of ours extra mum on the boat!

The life living and working on a boat is a very tough one and for sure takes a toll on the health. For that reason, and the simple fact that Jeab now wants to stay closer to her family to be able to care for her elderly mother and see more of her daughter Ming and son Man (Ming is now ready to start her University studies), she is now moving back to Chumphon.

Jeab is planning to open a small local restaurant close to her house, so that she can stay close by and help her elderly mother while creating an income to support her mother, herself and Mings school costs.

She wants to try to get a bank loan of 50,000 Baht in order to start this small business, so for that reason we have started a fundraising campaign in the hopes that we all together can pitch in and support her so she don't have to have the burden of a bank loan.

If any of you would like to show your gratitude towards Jeab for taking such good care of all of us during the last decade, then any size donation you are able to support this fantastic woman with is much appreciated.

Please click on this link to contribute: https://igg.me/at/TjnmFuXLBlU

We will of course keep you all updated with how this great cause is proceeding.

Jeab – from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of all the Kon-Tiki guests, staff & management over the years - Thank you greatly for everything, we love you!

/ Stefan


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