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Today we were thinking of telling you about how a typical day on the boat may look like.

We must be at the boat about 7:15 to make prepared for the day just before our guests comes to the boat. We start by picking up all the food for the day so that everything is in the right place. When the guests start to arrive one of us begins to tick of the guests and the other person begins to serve tea and coffee. After everyone’s got something to drink Martino starts to talk about the plan for the day and after that the guest’s dig in on our breakfast buffet while we will have a short staff meeting to sort out details and special needs for the day.

On this day we were going to Bida islands and on the way there we saw our first free dolphins and it was a really cool experience. The trip to the first dive/snorkeling guiding took about 1 hour and 45 minutes and it takes around 1 hour between each dive-/snorkeling stop. The second trip was a bit special because we saw three sharks that swam around us and it was crazy cool! After the second stop it's time for Thai lunch and we always let the guests take first, then it's our turn. Then after lunch, it's time for the third and last dive / snorkeling guiding and we are in the sea for about 1 hour and then it's time to wash all the equipment we have used and after that we get really good pancakes!

boat top deck koh lanta

When we are on our way home from our excursions, we make sure to ask the customers if they have had a good day and be generally social and nice until they come off the boat. About 30 minutes before we arrive to the pier we pack all the equipment and after that Martino have a small debriefing with the customers and ask them if they had a good time. Then it´s time to unload the bags and the food off the boat, when we are done with that we tell the guests that they can come down and get off the boat. And now our boat trip is over for this day but we have to go to the shop to pack up all the stuff and pack the things we need to the day after.

This is how a boat trip on Kon Tiki can look like, hope you enjoyed it!


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