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We arrived to Koh Lanta Wednesday March 15th

When we arrived, we went to Kon-Tiki shop and met our tutor named Peter. We introduced ourselves to each other and then he showed us where we would stay the next 7 weeks and we liked the accommodation very much and we felt comfortable right away.

 Here are some pictures of the place we live in. At first, we had separate rooms but now we have one together, we thought it was much more fun that way.



The first day that we came to Koh Lanta we got homework on the open water course. We read a lot those first days so we would pass the test. The day came when I and Felicia was going to do the open water test and fortunately we made it and know we are done with the theory part. In Saturday we did the exercises in the pool so we will be more secure in the sea. We thought it was very odd to be under the water so long, but it was exciting too. Dive trips we'll take a bit more slowly so we get a little more comfortable in ourselves under the water, but soon we will be diving in the sea.


Our first impression of Kon Tiki diving centre

When we arrived at the Kon Tiki Diving Center our first impression was that everyone was so welcoming and friendly which felt really nice because you can be yourself then when you
feel comfortable with the people around you. We believe that the Kon Tiki dive center will take good care of us the next few weeks and we will learn so much that we didn’t know before we came here.


The things we do when we’re not in the shop or in the boat

On our first free day we took our mopeds and drove for a very long time and stopped on a beach and took a swim and then we ate som food. When we droved against the road we saw a lot of animals, like elephants and monkeys wich was cool. After work we have eaten in many different places that people have recommended and the food has been very good here in Koh lanta.

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