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Kon-Tiki Lanta Interns 2016


Our names are Maja and Amanda, we are both 17 years old. We are Swedish interns, and we are studying trade and business at Tingvalla upper secondary school.

 We did the open water diving course and are now certified open water divers. Both of us didn´t think that it would be so easy to do this course in three days, and everything was easier than we thought because they were explaining in a good and understandable way.  First off we got to borrow a textbook and watch five longer clips that are based on the textbook so that we could study for the theoretical part of this course. There are five chapters, and after every chapter there are questions that we had to answer. There was also four ten question quizzes that you take before the final test that is 50 questions. Then we started the practical part, which is diving. We started in a pool so that we could learn how to put all the gear together and apart, also different skills that are important to be a certified open water diver. Some different skills are clearing the mask, drop the regulator then find it, controlled emergency swimming ascent – CESA, etc. Where we did our 4 dives were Phi Phi islands and Koh Haa lagoon. One thing that every diver gets is a logbook to write down when they have dived, how many times they dived and also write down the data from the diving computer. This you do because it is easier to know how many dives you´ve done, and some dive centers want to know for sure how many times you´ve dived and the data.

We are staying at Bu-ngaraya, and they have nice rooms, good service and every one of the staff is friendly. Bu-ngaraya is located not far from the Kon-Tiki shop, which is also great.

What we have done since we came to Lanta is done a bit of exploring of Saladan, and driven in traffic, which isn´t as bad here as you would think. We´ve done some marketing for Kon-Tiki, which we got a lot of brochures and handed them out to resorts and café´s around Saladan and on Koh Lanta. We have also done some cleaning in the shop.

The people on this island are very friendly and if you eat a lot at the same restaurant they will most likely remember what you like and don´t like. The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism, but there is also a lot of other cultures. 

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