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Have you ever been diving and on the top of a Reef, looked to the deep? Maybe you wonder how and what is down there. It's like having a small voice saying...."come here.. come...". That's the calling of the deep.

Maybe you don't feel this at all or just don't have the desire to do it and that's perfectly fine. But if you want to go deep you should do it in the correct way.

The Tec 40 course is the entry level for the technical diving programs. This certification allows you dive as deep as 40 Mts, using equipment and procedures of technical diving so you can already do decompression diving.

To be able to participate in this course you need to be an Advanced Open Water Diver, certified in Nitrox diving and recreational Deep Diving (or have experience in dives deep as 30 Mts). The course itself is a lot of fun! You will learn new concepts in diving and extend your knowledge beyond what recreational divers usually have.

Then you will dive with twin tank set in your back (sidemount option is also available) and another tank in front of you. Just this makes you feel like an astronaut exploring uncharted regions of space! But wait... you are underwater... and now you can dive where normally most divers don't go. The feeling of adventure and exploration is there.

You will also learn new safety procedures that will make you a better diver even when you do recreational diving as usual.
In the end Tec 40 is all about that: adventure, exploration, planning and safety.

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