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We traveled from Karlstad at 7 in the morning and we arrived in Oslo with bus around at 10 o'clock. Then we went to Gardermoen and from there we took the 13:30 flight to Bangkok,

we landed in Bangkok about 23:30 in Bangkok. From Bangkok we took 1.5 hour flight to Krabi and then we went by taxi from Krabi to Ao Nang. As soon as we got to Ben's House where we lived me and William jumped in the pool that they have there. We went on a long-tail boat to the beautiful Railey Beach where we filmed a little video clip.

The next day we went by long-tail boat to Poda Island, where we had time to snorkel and we found Nemo! After Poda we went to Chicken Island, where we ate lunch before we went home and took a swim in the pool, then we went up to the room to rest for a few hours. The two islands are part of the nature reserve that forms part of Krabi and it costs 400 Baht to visit the Islands. The money goes to keeping the Islands clean and fine.
In the evening we took a tuk-tuk to a store where we would get sim-cards to our Thai-mobiles. These must now be registered with many criminals used prepaid cards for crime. After we finally fixed this we went further down the street until we stop off at a small Thai restaurant, where we ate dinner. Then we continued to walk the street along Ao Nang.

The last day in Ao Nang started with a regular breakfast at the hotel, before we were picked up by a car that would drive us out to the river bank where all speedboats added. There we met a Thai guide that would take us out on a day trip to a variety of attractions. The guide was very good at his job, and we were not surprised when he showed off his guide certificate and explained that he had paid a lot of money (30 000 THB) to get his education. Having trained guides are becoming more common and more common in the various tourist areas like Krabi, Phuket, Kao Lak, etc.

The first stop was incredibly beautiful Maya Bay, which is a beach that anyone visiting Phi Phi area must see. The beach is best known for a movie called The Beach that was filmed there in 2000, where Leonardo DiCaprio starred. We took a swim there. We drove to Phi Phi Don, where we went ashore to eat buffet, and take an ice cream. Then we went out a bit in the ocean to snorkel for a while next to a reef, where we got to see a lot of nice fishes. After the snorkel stop we went on to Bamboo Island. Bamboo Island has incredibly fine sand, this is because the sand is made of fish poop.

After we walked around and looked on the island we went back to the hotel, tired and exhausted after a day of very different impressions. In the evening we ate a real Thai dinner where I and William had an Massaman Curry, which is one of the most delicious food dishes in Thailand, according to us. Tomorrow we leave Hannes and Luke in Ao Nang, where they'll have their practice, and the rest of us go on to Koh Lanta to begin with our work experience.

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Best Regards
Marcus Beckius and William Gillberg

upprensing koh lanta dykcenter

We left Ao Nang and went on to saladan, koh Lanta where we will spend our internship. We were dropped off at our workplace Kontiki Lanta we went in and walked around the store for a while and looked a bit, before Peter (our instructor) drove us to our temporary place where we spent the first night. It was an apartment where several of Kontiki employees lives. After we made us right at home we went down to a place and rented motor scooters. We tried the motor scooters by taking a trip to Tesco, which is a newly built store where we bought water. We ate dinner with our teachers in the evening Dan & Elisabeth went to our favorite restaurant in Saladan, Family Thai Food. After the dinner we took a short walk, before it was time to go home and sleep.

Saturday began with a breakfast at the German Bakery, before it was time for us to begin emergency first responder course. It was a very instructive course, which was funny and at the same time felt the seriousness. This course took 6 hours and now we are Emergency First Responders, which is awesome!

After this course we learned two exciting things. The first thing we were told was that we should move, and second, that we are already the second day will go out to Koh Haa and snorkel guide on our own for two families on Sunday, which will be incredibly fun and exciting! After we learned this, we drove home to prepare ahead of the move. When we quickly packed came Peter and picked us up and drove us on to our new accommodation. It is an incredibly nice and big house, right into the jungle, we feel that we will enjoy the stay there!

We were sitting in a restaurant named Cook Kai, some kilometers outside the Restaurant, where we dined. We have also watched on football here, Liverpool-Chelsea, where Liverpool managed to win with 3-1. I was happy because I'm a huge Liverpool fan. I was excited among the Thais at the TV and cheering with them. It was fun to see that, despite how different cultures we live in, so are people still very similar.

The last few days we have been in the store and cleaned, made the flowerbed look better that they have outside the store, and I can assure you that it was much nicer than it was before. As we wrote before we took care of six people from Sweden on the snorkeling tour. We went out to Koh Haa where we would snorkel at three different locations, the first place was in a lagoon where we saw clownfish directly when we jumped in and then we saw other fun fish. We were also on the back of two islands of Koh Haa.

At the second stop, we saw a moray eel swimming which is very rare we saw lots of triggerfishes, some cool trumpet fish and more fish. The third and final stop was best when we saw a giant moray eel, a confused catfish, a yellow trumpet fish and much more. We took care of three adults and three children, all six were from southern Sweden and they were very nice. It was one of the kids who were a little scared at first but it went over and she jumped in on the second stop. When we were returning with the boat we acted babysitting for parents, it was a 2 hour journey home it felt shorter because we got to take care of those little funny kids.

we have among other things had time for three days of something that may not be classified as the most fun, but that is very important and a great part of all companies, namely inventory. For those of you who don't know what inventory means it is simply when you count the number of products available in the store and on stocks in order to be able to keep track of their finances, the purchase needs to be done and the type of product that you might not have in the future.

We have taken stock of masks and snorkels, flippers, and diving clothes. Maybe not the most fun, but very important that it is done. It is also important to understand that everything in the world of work might not be super fun, but it is at least as important as the "fun part". Another thing we have done is that we have been going around to several different resorts on the island and handed out brochures. William did his first dive in nearly a year, and I made my first dive ever! We saw a lot of cool things that we also managed to get on video!

Please check out our videos!

Best Regards
Marcus Beckius and William Gillberg




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